child abuse

Severe injuries in kids are red flag for abuse Severe injuries, especially head injuries, in children ages 5 and younger are more likely to be the result of child abuse than accidental injury, according to the latest population-based study on child abuse, which examined data from a trauma registry network in the UK published online … Continue reading child abuse


medical blame game

The Medical Blame Game © Dr. Rajas Deshpande Day 1: Patient gasping in Casualty. “Doctor, Please do whatever is the best for him” said the tearful daughter. Multiple phone calls by medical, paramedical and nonmedical relatives about this patient. Day 3: Patient recovering, stable but has fever in ICU. “Doctor, how come he has fever … Continue reading medical blame game

late nights parties and metabolism

Weekend 'Social Jetlag' can be heart unfriendly Switching to late nights and late mornings on the weekend is associated with cardiometabolic risk. Termed "social jetlag", it is associated with poorer lipid profiles, worse glycemic control, and increased adiposity in healthy adults, as per a report published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. These metabolic … Continue reading late nights parties and metabolism

prevent antibiotics resistance,

10 Ways to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance On 1St World Safe Antibiotic Week 16-22 November What are antibiotics? Antibiotics are drugs used to treat bacterial infections. They act either by killing bacteria or by stopping bacterial growth and multiplication. They are not effective in viral infections. What is antibiotic resistance? Antibiotic resistance is when an antibiotic … Continue reading prevent antibiotics resistance,

आप सोचते हैं कि डॉक्टर लालची, बेरहम और बेईमान होते हैं।

अगर अगर आप जागरुक हैं और ईमानदारी से हालात बदलना चाहते हैं तो आगे पढ़ने की हिम्मत करें अन्यथा यहीं रुक जाएं। मान लीजिये किसी का मोटर सायकल से एक्सीडेंट हो गया। आप उसे अस्पताल ले जाते हैं। डॉक्टर को लगता हैं चोट गंभीर है मृत्यु भी हो सकती है। उसे लगता है अगर मृत्यु … Continue reading आप सोचते हैं कि डॉक्टर लालची, बेरहम और बेईमान होते हैं।