how to discourage a doctor

[9:25PM, 14/12/2015] ‪+91 94153 09288‬: But clinically olanjipine [8:46AM, 15/12/2015] ‪+91 98186 04948‬: How hospitals discourage doctors: A step by step guide RICHARD GUNDERMAN, MD, PHD | PHYSICIAN |SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 Not accustomed to visiting hospital executive suites, I took my seat in the waiting room somewhat warily. Seated across from me was a handsome … Continue reading how to discourage a doctor



The Synonym of a Doctor (c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande "Here, take this" Mr. Baliram thrusted three hundred rupee notes in my hand. In any other case, I would lose my usually short temper and react. In this case I couldn't. I calmly kept the money back in his pocket, and said, "This is not necessary, … Continue reading doctors

high court judgement

Must Read High Court Judgment On 304A IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT PATNA Criminal Miscellaneous No.40712 of 2012 Arising Out of PS.Case No. -12 Year- 2008 Thana -null District- BHAGALPUR =========================================================== 1. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, S/o Sri Manelal Singh, R/o Sinha Stone and Laparoscopic Clinic Zeromile, P.S.- Zeromile, District - Bhagalpur 2. … Continue reading high court judgement


Cholesterol is finally officially removed from Naughty List The US government has finally accepted that cholesterol is not a 'nutrient of concern', doing a U-turn on their warnings In the meantime of 40 years US Drug Industry in connivance with Health Department made over 1.5 trillion US Dollars by selling cholestrol lowering drugs. This fear … Continue reading cholesterol

Ever wondered what happens to your body when you start walking?

Here's a minute-by-minute rundown of the amazing chain reaction walking and exercise has upon your body, it's truly amazing! Minutes 1 to 5 Your first few steps trigger the release of energy-producing chemicals in your cells to fuel your walk. Your heart rate revs-up from about 70 to 100 beats per minute (bpm), boosting blood-flow … Continue reading Ever wondered what happens to your body when you start walking?