Dear everyone, what is unfolding before us, is a very historic event. It is for the first time, in the history of India, that someone has tried to control black money seriously. True, this is not the end all of efforts to control black money. It is not a magic bullet to kill every rupee hidden in every pocket. But it is by far the most serious effort to control black money. There will be more steps to follow, I’m sure, this is not the be all and end all. Let’s have patience and give the man some credit for taking on such a huge challenge, which no one has every undertaken and which no-one can in foreseeable future. 
There may be errors in the Government’s plan, there may be fallacies, there may be shortcomings but atleast be thankful that there is a plan and someone is willing and has the guts to risk his life and reputation to make it work.  
Let’s not focus on shortcomings of the plan, it is like focusing on the weakness of your child before an exam which only makes him more prone to fail. Let’s support it and hope your doubts and apprehensions will be proved wrong and if they are right, the issues will be rectified. But let us give the plan our full hearted support and blessings.  
This demonitization must not be allowed to fail. It will not eradicate black money, but it is a big step in the right direction. Let us not focus on peripheral issues, which will remove our focus form the aim of creating a better India. 
Just remember, if this fails, for the next decade, at the very least, there will be no one else to take on the challenge of removing corruption and black money from India.  
So if you care for India, stop criticizing the demonitization drive. Let Modi complete what he is trying to do, before criticizing everything he is doing. 
There will be no second chance.  
Jai Hind!!


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