It is 50 days since the demonetisation drive was announced almost all the money in circulation has come back into the system. Good for poor country like India we cannot waste anything not even currency notesIt was said that about 6 to 10% of the people had black money. So what has been achieved by demonetisation we have shown that we are ingenious and devious. We are also very helpful and compassionate towards each other. Almost everybody in India has tried to help those 6 to 10% of the people who had black money. We have used every trick in the book hoodwink the system. On the very first day of the announcement bullion traders came to our rescue people converted there old notes into gold silver platinum and Diamonds. We also bought real estate and even foreign currency, we book tickets in airlines and first classes and then cancel them and Got refund in new currency. Poor people, laborers and slum dwellers stood in lines to exchange money for us of course they also got there cut for standing in line. Traders and businessman made advance payments, bought buffer stock.

Bank managers and clerical staff helped us exchange money after receiving a premium. Some even made demand drafts and then cancelled them and got the money back in new currency. Poor people came to the rescue by offering their Jan Dhan accounts, farmers came to the rescue by offering their accounts as they don’t have to pay income tax. Religious trusts temples dargahs in various other NGOs also came to the rescue by letting us use their accounts. Majority of the people in India don’t know even how many states are there in North East, now everybody knows all the states and also the various Tribes who live there and don’t have to pay income tax their accounts have been used to launder money. The government tried to tweak with the rules and narrow the goal post almost on daily basis but the nation of the Crooks was one step ahead. Yes sporadic raids have taken place all over the country and black money has been caught in places but this is just drop in the ocean. A great churning has taken place and black money has gone from 10 percent of the people to more than 20% now. Everybody was ready to help after taking their cut. Aisa bhaichara saada bana rahe. Saathi haath badana sathi re, ek Akela thak jayega mil kar boj uthana. Jai ho.


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