ये क्या कह दिया आपने गुलज़ार साहब, उर्दू अगर इतिहास में पहली बार खुद पर शर्मिंदा हुई थी तो इसी बात पर कि उसको उन लोगों पर थोप दिया गया जो उससे नावाकिफ (अनभिग्य) थे.नहीं गुलज़ार साहब, सच तो ये है कि, पकिस्तान उर्दू का मुल्क नहीं, उर्दू का हथियाया हुआ मुल्क है. अगर आज … Continue reading URDU

salafi islam

SNAPSHOTThis Salafi maulana eats with three fingers, has banned photography, music and TV, and all interaction with kafirs, in a small town in Malda, West Bengal. He is symptomatic of the larger and spreading malaise. Maulana Nasser Sheikh, 44, looks like an oddity. And speaks and behaves like one too. Standing pretty short at about … Continue reading salafi islam


Democracy has once again died in Modi’s India. The absolute artistic freedom which the constitution of India awards to all citizens, except leaving out the critics of Abrahamic religions to protect minority rights, naturally a corollary of farsighted interventions by Pandit Nehru, is under threat again. The famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who had erred … Continue reading satire